Hold1 develops support systems for political and social practices engaged in durable futures.

As a design studio we frame our methodology through close dialogue with our clients.2 We work with individuals, alliances and institutions who either are in need of visibility, alternative organizational structures or engaged in their own practice. Hold is available for design and consultancy for research, organizational coordination, website identities, platform interfaces and digital strategies.

With the desire to support3 comes the speculation on what systems can create it. We engage with existing structures, study their context and conditions in order to understand its strengths, uneven differences and need to foreground undermined information4. By experimenting with reconfiguration5 we nurture dialogues that enable multiple ways of organizing, structuring and designing.


Qiao Lin ✰

Andrea Macias-Yanez ⊛

Solveig Suess ✻


Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, whose non-invasive farming philosophy is based on close observation of ecosystems.


support [verb] to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, they or it to succeed.


"...classifications are hierarchical, and prescribe a universalizing structure of "first terms" that masquerade as neutral when they are, in fact, culturally informed and reflective of social power."
Teaching the Radical Catalog, Emily Drabinski


"I use this model to generate new imaginary words that exist in the negative phonetic spaces between the phonetic hidden states." Compasses, Allison Parrish

Regional vegetation of Chiapas within the Mesoamerican forest. Andrea Macias-Yanez, 2019.

Alianza Pino-Encino

A new website identity for Alianza Pino-Encino, a regional multi-institutional group of organizations with the objective to vitalize local communities living in the Pine-Oak forests of Mesoamerica.


Human-environment relationsLand managementResilienceVisibilityWebsiteResearch

Istituto delle Scienze Marine Venice, historical algal collection. Henning Brümmer, 2019.

Ocean Archive

A website as online ‘living’ archive, the Ocean Archive aims to promote research, discoverability and collaborative multidisciplinary dialogue over the current state of the ocean. Commissioned by TBA21-Academy, development in collaboration with Across the Cloud.


ArchiveEnvironmentalCultural productionKnowledge infrastructurePlatformResearchPrototype

Initial user testing of disaster report cards before UX redesign.


A platform for a digital emergency unit established by MSF called Reaction Assessment Collaboration Hub (REACH) which provides support for real-time decision making for logistical distribution during evolving epidemics in Southeast Asia. Development in collaboration with Across the Cloud and interface design with Paul Heinicker.


Emergency responseMonitoring & assessment PlatformPrototypeRealtime reporting

Airplane emergency landing card, as part of the visuals collected for ‘Your Flight is Cancelled’.

Your Flight is Cancelled

A website launched in parallel with e-flux’s Your Flight is Cancelled window display at NICC Brussels tells a tale of the end of a fictional art travel agency.


Cultural productionWebsite

‘Ziggy and the Starfish’. Anne Duk Hee Jordan, 2019.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan

A portfolio website for artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan that embodies the humorous extension of biological processes expressed in her sculptures and installations.


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